About us

buildAhome is a conglomerate of Architects, Engineers & professionals who strive to make sure, that your dream home is built, as you dreamt it. We strive to deliver your homes in the most systematic and organised manner. As we say, If you have a piece of land, we will build you a home on it.

As group company, we have a combined experience of over 21 lakh man hours in the field of construction. That alone should speak volumes about our credibility.

We provide amazing and affordable solutions to every individual’s dream of constructing a house. buildAhome is a one-stop solution for all the requirements of building a home, which aims at bringing all services under one umbrella so that people do not have to struggle to coordinate between different vendors to construct their homes. buildAhome aims at bringing confidence among home owners that their project is in safe hands.

With progress reviews, progress reports & daily progress reports, you can always keep track of what is happening at your site, without physically having to be there. You can enjoy the happiness of your dream home being constructed, even if you are 1000s of miles away.

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