why Us?

We take care of all your requirements & cater to your every home-building need.

One-Stop Solution

We take care of all your requirements& cater to your every home-building need, so that you do not have to struggle to contact and coordinate between various vendors.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We have a better buying and negotiation power than most others in the market. We conduct an in-depth analysis while budgeting a solution for your needs to ensure that you get the best deal. We provide value engineering depending on the suitability of the design & reduce on costs. Various unseen costs will be mitigated with us in the picture. We are confident of constructing your house at a much cheaper price than anyone else.

Experience and Expertise

We are an established name in the market with brands like Promax, Brahmi Constructions, and Critical Edge as the other companies in our group.

With over 20 lakh man hours experience in the field of construction, having managed millions of Sqft of commercial, industrial, hospitality & residential projects, you can go to sleep every night at peace, knowing your home is in very safe hands.

With the reputation gained through the group companies over the years, you can be rest assured our Honesty & earnestness in deliverance of our projects to you.

Defect Liability Period

We issue an agreement at the completion our every project which states that if any defect is found in the construction of your home or any repair is needed up to 9 months after construction, will be attended to, free of all charges.

Leaking walls & roofs are the biggest complaints home owners have about their homes. Keeping this fact in mind, we issue a 10 year guarantee on all the waterproofing works, and if any defects are found in this regard, we will rectify it free of all costs.

This is where we boast of the confidence we have in ourselves in our construction

Timely Delivery

Most projects hamper due to lapse in schedule & improper planning. With us, we submit our plan & schedule of construction, much before we start off the construction, keeping your needs in mind.

With weekly & monthly progress reports which we shall share with you, you will always be aware of status of works on your home which will be reviewed with you, to satisfy all your needs

In case we fail to deliver the project within stipulated time frame, we will pay you a delay cost week on week

Again, this is where we boast of the confidence we have in ourselves in our construction

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