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Constructing a new home is time consuming as well as tiresome, yet it is a real asset at the end. The concept of building a new home is not an easy task; perhaps it requires lot of involvement as well as investment. Housing in Bangalore has seen a tremendous growth as incomes have risen.

Bangalore as a city is metropolitan and has an array of people, who lay on all parts of the spectrum. For example, you have houses that cost 13 lakhs and also houses that cost up to or more than 10 crores. And when it comes to the money aspect, it never is a concern for anyone who wants to build their home. The main concern is TIME.

Everyone in Bangalore is extremely busy and they don’t find time to meet their daily needs. Each person has different perspectives and requirements as Bangalore is such a metropolitan city with wide and vast influences. The demand of housing remains high in Bangalore. Amidst all the chaos, if they have to get a house constructed with the limited time that they have, it eats up a lot of their personal and professional life, in terms of stress, effort and time. Building a house is definitely not very easy; there are a lot of requirements. People face a lot of problems while building a house. Some of the main problems faced are:

  1. Finding a good architect
  2. Permissions for construction
  3. Contractor to Execute works
  4. Procurement of materials
  5. Co-ordination between Architect and other service providers & consultants
  6. Interior Designer

And even once you are able to find all these individuals, there is still the delivery of the home in time & with quality which is not guaranteed.

The solution to get your home constructed with a peace of mind & without hassles in a systematic & professional manner, is an organisation which provides One Stop Solutions of the above requirements with Honesty, Integrity & Trust.

And the solution is buildAhome, the only company in Karnataka that is a one stop solution to build your dream home without going through any hassles, at affordable costs.

As buildAhome we take care of the whole solution and give what an indiviual truly needs, specifically, a quality home that a suits needs and build the way they want it to be and deliver it on time.

buildAhome is a team of Architects, Designers, Engineers & professionals who strive to make sure, that your dream home is built, as you dreamt it. buildAhome aims at bringing all amenities under one umbrella so that people do not have to struggle to coordinate between different vendors to construct their homes .We provide the following solutions to our clients:

  • Architecture
  • Designing
  • Plan Sanction
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Interior Designing
  • Landscaping

With these solutions, buildAhome offers solutions which are of 5-star quality, where your every requirement is catered to. buildAhome makes sure each home, has a qualified Engineer assigned who dedicates his whole time for construction of your home.

Each home offered by buildAhome is technically qualified in each way & there are no two ways about the process of construction. buildAhome offers floor plans & elevation free of cost, which is designed to suit every client’s need.

Coming to the cost of construction in a place like Bangalore, it varies. It varies from each client to the other, as every home is unique in its own way & every client has their own requirement. And when buildAhome offers solutions in such an organised manner, it would not do justice if our quote also is based on a per Sqft basis. The “Per Square feet” option of price leads to ambiguities & arbitrations, which only increases the hassle of construction. Hence, we offer Lumpsum figures which remain unchanged during the whole process of construction. We offer THE MOST AFFORDABLE homes in the market.

To save costs, time & earn peace of mind during the process of construction, & to experience the process of home construction like never seen before, login to www.buildahome.in
or call +91 709 000 5600.

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