Constructing your home – 101

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From our elementary school, we’ve been taught, ‘The basic necessities of a man, are air, food, water & shelter’. As the title would suggest, we shall not discuss the first three necessities. Shelter. A shelter can be a house like Antilia (Mukesh Ambani’s residence), whose cost rivals the GDP of most primitive African countries, or can be a house created out of 18 GI sheets, like in Dharavi, which is as expensive as a dinner for 2 in a Marriot. These are the ends of a spectrum.

Most home owners, fall right in the center of this spectrum, who would want a beautiful looking house, for an affordable price. In almost all the cases, no one finds this right balance. To manage the cost & for a hassle free house, most people chose an apartment. But deep down in their hearts, they too know they’d rather have an individual home, than live among 1000 other people where privacy is a commodity. However, the few who still prefer building their home, rather than share common walls with 4 different houses, are caught in a web of lack of organisation, illogical prices, inexperienced engineers & an unprofessional system.

And unfortunately, this has set a precedence that construction of a home is a herculean task which is mighty expensive. There are two bits to this statement –

Herculean Task – Yes, if you appoint a contractor who does not know his job. An architect who is only interested in commissions. Services engineers(electrical, plumbing) who work a day job & take up the contract of your house as free lance.Various other factors play a role in this, but majorly the blame is upon YOU. Yes, YOU. Because a home owner does not look at the bigger picture & is interested in the cost. To save money, & have the house constructed at the least possible price.

Mighty Expensive – We love discounts. We love offers & reduced rates. The same is embedded in our brains, & when we set out to look for a contractor to buildAhome, our main concern is the cost. Everyone would want to save money & hire the guy who quotes the least. This is the major mistake. It is similar to the Supermarket survey at the billing counter. Just because the line is short, does not mean the billing guy is fast, he may be extremely slow & hence, nobody queues up on his aisle.

To curb these two factors, which have given every home builder sleepless nights, keep in mind the following while constructing your own house:-

  1. Hire an architect who has experience in the same field. It is not necessary that the architect who designs flyovers & skyscrapers is good with individual houses. Make sure the architect whom you chose, takes up the responsibility of structural design & MEP design(Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) , and not just planning the house. If the same architect has knowledge on interior designing, will be an added advantage.
  2. Ask the architect to recommend the contractor. When an architect recommends, he or she shall recommend only after reviewing the contractor, and in a way, the Architect becomes responsible for the contractors delivery. Make sure the same contractor executes Civil & MEP works. This is a very crucial factor, as it does not allow the contractor to pass the buck onto other vendors, which is a major cause in delay of work.
  3. Do things the legal way. Always make sure that your plan for construction is approved by the authorities. Your architect should take care of this for you. This might seem like an added cost & a needless burden now, however, in the longer run it is a necessity.
  4. Do not PAY YOUR ARCHITECT ON A PERCENTAGE BASIS. This is an extremely lawless form of reimbursement for services. When you agree on these terms with an architect, who designs your house, who finalizes the contractor, will benefit from a higher cost of construction. Higher the cost of construction, higher is the percentage for your architect. So, finalize a lump sum & have a percentage to the architect for reduction in cost. From the initial budget to construction, the lower the cost of construction, you pay the architect a percentage on this decrease. So that, it is a win -win for everyone.
  5. Have a very clear understanding with your contractor. The safest way to work with a contractor, is to work with a company. A registered entity to build your home, who will enter into a formal agreement with you. Make it a mandate to have every minute detail written in the agreement before starting construction. Even if this exercise take a week extra, a lot of confusion & acceptance – rejection later shall be saved. Be it the cost, the type of materials or the methodology of construction, it is always safe to have all these signed on an agreement.
  6. Always retain money. In the agreement, add a clause of retention money of 5%, which shall be deducted in every bill payment, and shall be paid only in the end of construction, provided you, the home owner is completely satisfied.
  7. Save money for the final payment. In most cases, you would have paid the complete chunk of the money much before handing over. The snagging(attending to flaws in construction) is a major task. Have a percentage of contract value ear marked for this.
  8. Appoint a third party. Most home owners who give a contract to construct a house are not civil engineers. This automatically suggests the lack of knowledge in this field. It is always a good thing to appoint a third party auditor, from a civil engineering background to make fortnightly or monthly checks to track the progress & quality. The same auditor can certify the monthly & final bills before payment.
  9. Be Happy. Constructing their own house is a dream come true for many, and most won’t build a second house. When your dream is being turned to reality, it is key & important to have fun and have a happy time during the process of construction,

Watch this space for more on topics related to construction of individual homes. offer One stop solution for individuals who are looking to construct their own home. With an experience of over 20 lakh man hours among the group companies, buildAhome is the perfect solution for all your home building needs. A company managed professionally & systematically by architects & engineers who aim at providing the best possible service in the industry for construction of your dream home.

buildAhome provides the following services under one roof

  • Architecture
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  • Plan Sanction
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Interior Designing
  • Landscaping

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The cost of construction for these houses including taxes and all the above services mentioned is Rs 22 lakhs.

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