Vastu – What no one will tell you

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Vastu – An integral component of most buildings or cities- A home, or an office space or in many cases, an entire city is developed around the concept of Vastu.

In this second blog  from , we discuss Vastu & what no one dares to speak.

What is Vastu? 

The concept of Vastu is so ancient that it was developed before the word ancient was coined. Simply put, Vastu Shastra is “The science of architecture“. It is a guideline that helps one understand the concept of architecture & why each such concept has to be followed.

Vastu Shastra, the concept coined in India & Feng  Shui, a concept developed in the aincient China are very similar to each other in the thought process & functionality.

Contrary to popular belief, Vastu is not religion specific. It does not matter if the house belongs to a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian or a person of any other religion for that matter. Vastu is considered a science & every guideline put forth by the concept of Vastu Shastra can be justified scientifically.

Concept of Vastu

Vastu believes in a very basic concept, that every piece of land or a building has a soul of its own & a positive energy would exist around it, if that soul is harnessed in the right way. Similar to the scientific approach that the center of gravity of any body is center of the mass of the body itself, the same holds good for Vastu, wherein the center of the house is considered as the center of gravity of the house & hence to harness this energy, in olden days, the center used to be left vacant. Most of the homes, still in villages & traditional locales of India, still have this concept of courtyard in the center, so that this energy may not be blocked by walls or any such structures.

The concept of Vastu revolves around the central space & directions with respect to the sun. For example, sun rays of the rising sun are considered very good for health, providing essential Vitamins like Vitamin D etc, and hence Vastu believes in the having the main door opening in the east direction to facilitate the same. Many windows and other opening are advised to be given in the east direction.

Like these, there are many such scientific evidences that vouch for Vastu. Hence, it is safe to say that that Vastu is scientific and not a big load of mumbo-jumbo.


But, and this is a very very big “but”, people & other pundits have these days turned Vastu into a profession & look to it to earn their daily meal. Vastu has been commercialized to a great extent the sufferer is the end user. These pundits work on the innate human feeling of doubt & paint a dreamy picture of success & prosperity. There have been many such instances where home owners have had to demolish a part or whole of their house in order for “Vastu correction”.

A vendor of ours had an issue with their office space & they decided to consult a Vastu pundit. One consultant turned into three different consultants and all three of them gave their own opinion of what was wrong with the office & all three were different problems, with different solutions.The end result of this shenanigan was an expenditure of about Rs 80,000 and even after this, our vendor ended up shifting their office.

Vastu was initially used mainly for the design of temples & how the location of the main deity  had to be in relation with the other gods of the temple. The concept also was used to keep the negative energy of the world away from the main deity of temple by using simple architectural features. This concept was later developed to facilitate the locations of various sections of a King’s palace like the armory, the kitchen, King’s rooms, the rooms of the queen & the prayer hall etc. These pundits had acres of space to work with to derive the correct Vastu – “Science of Architecture”

The same now has become commercialized where the Vastu pundits will give you 25 different points to incorporate in a 30 X 40 site, which quite frankly is impossible.

If you were to search for “Vastu” on YouTube, the first result that you’d get is “How to place your broom in the house for good Vastu”. When you google “Feng Shui”, the result has a direct link to buy Feng Shui products for your home. This commercialization has created a huge market for these phony pundits to persuade you to buy stones & beads, and has led to many in doubting the science & beauty behind Vastu



Vastu is clearly a science and is a scientific principle developed by pundits since time unknown. It is a science of architecture and it majorly is based on the theme of the elements of nature. Vastu is required for your home or any building, but in a scientific way. There is no proven evidence that having a photo of a bird which costs you 6000 rupees will help your business nor having a 2 inches X 2 inches pyramid increase happiness in your home.

Vastu is designed to  harness positive energy in the house & while designing the house as per Vastu(scientifically) makes improvements, the positive energy of the inhabitants of the home you live in, will make it a better place to live. designs honest & trust worthy Vastu compliant homes, while at the same time maintaining the beauty of a home . Login to for over 90 free designs for you home or call +91 70900 05600 to learn more. You may also write to us @

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