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Many of us dream about constructing a house once in our life time. While constructing a home what all we have to consider. Believe me there is a lot to consider before you plan to construct your home.

First of all our family becomes the top most priority, discuss with them decide on what they need how big the home should be how many rooms, bathrooms, kitchen size and the flooring tiles your family needs.

Then you will hunt through the internet / print for suitable house plans. If you are technically sound you will understand the floor plans. Even if you find your ideal plan you will have to approach an architect for the elevation, structural design, and now comes the critical part the architect will charge you on the total built up area (per sqft.) which is a    mal practice being followed in the industry.

Once you freeze on your elevation, floor plan and the drawings, process won’t end there. You will run around for the government approvals from table to table, leaving aside all your other important work.

After getting the approvals with hard struggle, you will have to approach a mason (mestri) for starting a construction. First you will have to estimate the cost of labour.  How do you estimate a cost? Based on your plan mason (mestri) will give you a cost of labour and the time required to completion of the construction.

Mason (mestri) may complete the building in time based on his labour availability and the cash flow from your end.

Usually the estimates of the masons will not be accurate as they are not technically sound, also the charges of the masons will be per sq ft. even after you provide materials and all the required materials and they are not bound by it as you may not have anything in written from his side. There are all the chances that the cost of your construction will go up not only because your mason has increased the cost of his labour, it can also be because of less supervision from mason or from your side as you cannot be at the construction site all the time, if there is a person from your side to supervise then that’s a boon for you. There are high chances of material wastage, theft and what not from the labour side. So your initial budget may not be sufficient for you. So now again you will go to your bank for loan top up which is again a burden for you.

You will start hunting for the materials (wood, electrical, plumbing, flooring etc) where you can find at the best possible price.

Now you will start searching for carpenter, electrical, plumbing, painter and flooring experts from all parts of the town.

Once you freeze on the service providers and there charges you will provide them with all the materials and start coordinating with them, for their availability based on the work completed because most of the activities after you complete your building construction are interrelated. Another point could be you will not wait for the whole building construction to finish for finalising the service providers. There are high chances of delay in the completion of the building because of the labour availability by the time you start buying the material the cost of material and the labour charges of the service provider may go up or they may not available at your disposal.

If you are able to coordinate with all the above vendors and you could manage all the above implications you are a winner.

Ufff Oh my god…! What all steps, level of uncertainty and what level of coordination required right? Better be prepared mentally and financially. Mind you whether it is a small home or a big home all the above steps are mandatory if you have to get quality and timely construction. But most of us busy with work and personal life we always defer our dream home construction just because there’s lot of steps and coordination involved in a home construction.

Don’t defer your plans now because buildAhome is with you to take care of your dream home construction without hassles of coordination and running around the various vendors. Now you may ask why, because we are one stop solution starting from plan to completion of construction, including the government approvals. Of course at affordable, honest and fixed cost apart from it client will not have to spend a single rupee.

We provide following solutions to our clients:

  • Architecture
  • Designing
  • Plan Sanction
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Interior Designing
  • Landscaping

For all your home construction needs call us on +91 7090005600 or email us on Visit us at for your ideal plan and home design.

Let’s buildAhome

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