What kind of home do we need?

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We get lot of enquiries saying they want to build a good and nice looking house. We ask them a simple question please describe “good and nice looking” because a house looks good & nice for you may not look good & nice for others.

Before you approach any architect or construction company, be clear on what you are looking at and make sure you build a home which both suitable for your utility and fits into your budget.

Only reason being first architects cannot give you the desired output you are looking at and second before the architect gets into the agreement with you he ll make sure that you will not come back to him with lot iterations, may be one or maximum two iterations, more than it is chargeable and mind you the charges of any average start up architect is sky high.

We have classified the homes based on the utilities:

  • 4 Of Us
  • Boutique Homes
  • Dream Homes
  • Green Homes
  • Homes With Big rooms
  • Rental Homes
  • Simple Homes
  • Homes With Open Space
  • International Homes

Let’s describe each one of them:

4 Of Us

You are a salaried person and you have purchased a plot with hard earned savings and want to live a simple happy life with your family at the 30 – 40’s age. The perfect home for you will be a 2-3 bedrooms one for you and one for your kid and one for your guests.

Boutique Homes

Lot of people dream of having a cosy yet classy a bit spacious and within the budget, so you are looking at a boutique home, because so many say small is the new big.

Dream Homes

Everyone has a dream of their own, some people dream of building their home according to their own taste without compromising on the cost factor, because your dreams take over your money fear, if you really dream big.

Green Homes

Nowadays the whole world is talking about a greener planet, so many of them just talk and not implement in the daily life, but you as an individual who always look at the brighter side of life, will implement in your daily life. Green homes are meant for it, wherein you make provision for lot of natural light and air. You can make it eco-friendly in terms of usage of electricity too, with the help of solar energy.

Homes With Big rooms

In modern day life, if you have growing up kids or little old aged parents who require lot of privacy would require bigger rooms who require lot privacy in their daily lives. If you are one of them then you are looking with homes with big rooms.

Rental Homes

You are middle aged and a middle income person and invested your hard earned money on a plot and want to make an extra income by building  some two or more homes depending on your budget,  to earn a good rent especially when your plot is in a residential area surrounded by commercial activity, then you are looking at rental homes.

Simple Homes

As the name suggest these are simple homes suitable for the person who has just started his career and family life. These homes will just suit your requirement, simple yet classy.

Homes With Open Space

You have bigger plot and have kids playing around and you have lot of visitors regularly and you are party buff, then home with open space will suit you.

International Homes

There is a saying “when you are in Rome be like roman” you may visit some abroad countries on work or pleasure and get inspired by the local architecture and want to take inspiration to build your home, those homes are termed as international homes.


With your buildAhome at your service can build your kind of home at most affordable cost and we will deliver your home in the most systematic and managed by experts at the agreed timelines.

For more details please visit us at www.buildahome.in or call us on +91 7090005600.

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