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Having evolved from “The Royal City” to the next IT Hub, Mysore has always been a fusion of tradition and modern attractions. From palaces and ornate temples to gardens and galleries, there are multiple ways to feel the royalty of the city. To personally feel the primacy of the city, the citizens of Mysore accustom their homes like a palace.

Being a Mysorean, one is not used to the idea of sharing a common wall and constrain their open space, like an apartment. While wanting to own an independent home in the heritage city of Karnataka, the ambience is expected to be nothing less than a royal residence; serene environment around, with a vast garden or a backyard, in most cases both, a tulsi plant that is potted for worship, coconut trees in and around, keeping in mind vastu and so on.

Construction of such homes is a dream for many, but it is not an easy task. In today’s world, construction of a dream home requires immense involvement and investment from personal and professional lives. Encompassed by time and cost, there are more problems that have to be catered to:

  1. Finding a good architect
  2. Permissions for construction
  3. Contractor to Execute works
  4. Procurement of materials
  5. Co-ordination between Architect and other service providers & consultants
  6. Interior Designer

Just when you think that the above is sorted, comes delivery of the home on time and also the quality of the home not being assured. This definitely takes a lot of stress, effort and time of your daily life.

To ease this process of turning your dream to reality, is the requirement of a one-stop-solution that is Honest, Process-driven and Trustworthy. Such is buildAhome, truly a one-stop-solution to build your dream home without having to face inconveniences of building a house, at the most cost effective price.

We at buildAhome can make your dream come true with a magnificent home, inspired by the royal city- Mysore, infused with traditions and culture, the living room is styled like a Darbar hall & finishes styled to suit the royal tastes. Vastu has also been included in the

Build A Home Mysore

drafting of this reminiscent home.

This royal home can be yours at an affordable price to bring out the nostalgia in you.

We have a better buying and negotiation power than most others in the market. We conduct an in-depth analysis while budgeting a solution for your needs to ensure that you get the best deal. We provide value engineering depending on the suitability of the design & reduce on costs. Various unseen costs will be mitigated with us in the picture. We are confident of constructing your house at a much cheaper price than anyone else.

Being the only company in Karnataka, that is a one-stop-solution to build your dream home, buildAhome ministers to the individual needs, with utmost proficiency and integrity, while delivering a quality home on time.

Being a team of Architects, Designers, Engineers & professionals who strive to make sure, that your dream home is built, as you dreamt it, buildAhome aims at bringing all amenities under one summit to ensure that people do not have to struggle to coordinate between different vendors to construct their homes.

At buildAhome we promise to deliver a cost effective home that every Mysorean dreams of, while keeping in mind to be environmental friendly.

To save costs, time & earn peace of mind during the process of construction, & to experience the process of home construction like never seen before, login to www.buildAhome.in or call +91 709 000 5600.


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