What kind of home do we need?

We get lot of enquiries saying they want to build a good and nice looking house. We ask them a simple question please describe “good and nice looking” because a house looks good & nice for you may not look good & nice for others. Before you approach any architect or construction company, be clear….

Build your dream home without hassles

Many of us dream about constructing a house once in our life time. While constructing a home what all we have to consider. Believe me there is a lot to consider before you plan to construct your home. First of all our family becomes the top most priority, discuss with them decide on what they….

Vastu – What no one will tell you

Vastu – An integral component of most buildings or cities- A home, or an office space or in many cases, an entire city is developed around the concept of Vastu. In this second blog  from www.buildahome.in , we discuss Vastu & what no one dares to speak. What is Vastu?  The concept of Vastu is….

Constructing your home – 101

From our elementary school, we’ve been taught, ‘The basic necessities of a man, are air, food, water & shelter’. As the title would suggest, we shall not discuss the first three necessities. Shelter. A shelter can be a house like Antilia (Mukesh Ambani’s residence), whose cost rivals the GDP of most primitive African countries, or….