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Eco Friendly Green Homes: Everything You Need to Know!

by Subham



17 September 2022

A Eco Friendly Green Homes are one that protects the environment, uses non-toxic building materials, and conserves energy during both construction and use. However, the idea of a “green homes“, “eco friendly green homes” or “sustainable homes” is continuously evolving because of new technology and building techniques.

These days, a “green” home is most commonly an environmentally responsible structure. It has a minimally negative influence on the environment or at least contributes positively to it.

There is no solitary definition of what constitutes a green home. As a general rule, it is simpler for a house to be really “green” if it is built with that intention. This blog is everything you need to know about Eco Friendly Green Homes

Sustainable features of Eco Friendly Green Homes


Eco Friendly Green Homes employ sustainable, environmentally friendly, or recycled building materials. It may include sustainable energy sources such as solar or geothermal. Taking advantage of natural features such as sunlight and tree cover can improve energy efficiency.

In general, a green home is one that is built or remodeled to save “energy or water; improve indoor air quality; use sustainable, recycled, or used materials; and produce less waste in the process.”

Materials used in Eco friendly Green Home

green home by buildahome

An energy-efficient home should be built with environmentally friendly materials. The initial development of eco-friendly materials requires less energy. They also assist in preserving a clean, natural environment.

Porotherm blocks, CSCB, and others are a few examples for the walls. Refurbished wood for the doors and windows, filler clay tiles and pots for the slab that forms part of the ceiling, etc.

Proper Insulation

green homes by buildahome

A properly insulated home will have a pleasant and comfortable living environment. This is made possible by correct ventilation, the use of materials, and other features. Insulation is one of the main features that aids in long-term savings as well .

Better Door, Window Sizes and Location

green home by buildahome

The location and size of the windows and doors have an impact on how much heat or cold air generated . For instance, wide windows on the southern and western facades will allow a lot of harsh sunlight to enter, which may demand the employment of artificial ways and of systems to combat the issue.

Skylights Structure

Skylights are perfect for an energy-efficient eco friendly green home due to their many advantages. They can enhance the ventilation, lighting in the house. The requirement for electrical illumination during the day will be reduced with wise sky-lighting selections.

Exterior Color Selection

An essential component of a house that uses less energy is choosing the appropriate colour based on the location of the house – a light color will absorb less heat and a darker shade absorbs more.

Flooring Plans

Without spending extra money, the right flooring can assist you in maintaining the ideal temperature. To name a few : Athangudi, Kota stone , etc. These flooring materials serve to control the temperature of the house in addition to their visual appeal.

Along with its vibrant appearance, Athangudi flooring promotes local employment.

Other elements:

Rainwater harvesting, grey water treatment, Solar panels for electricity generation, hydroponics, solar for water heating ,Granite jambs for door and window frames instead of wood ,high performance glass for windows etc.

Are Green Home Costly? Construction Cost 

The common perception is that green building construction costs more and consequently not the best way to approach affordable housing schemes. However, recent studies have proved otherwise.

It’s true that the construction of sustainable homes does ask for the slightly premium price but the long-term benefits always exceed incremental capital costs.

Imagine if you are investing in a solar panel that can take care of your energy needs for the rest of your life. Even though installing a solar panel would be more expensive than sourcing electricity in a conventional way, you would save more in the long run.

In the first three years, green buildings cover the difference in costs, along with a significant reduction in operational costs, according to builders.

Think of a green building as an investment that guarantees multiplied returns.


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