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7 Benefits of Eco Friendly House in Modern Era 2022

by Subham



30 September 2022

7 Benefits of Eco Friendly House in Modern Era 2022

A green or eco-friendly house is one that was skillfully designed and constructed using components and methods that lower carbon emissions and use less energy because it has no adverse effects on the environment.

In recent years, notably in China and India, the idea of environmentally friendly or “green” architecture has gained popularity.

Structure Design Efficiency

Structure Design Efficiency

Building and construction consume nearly half of all raw materials, resulting in the depletion of natural resources. To reduce the use of natural resources, structures should be selected based on their load capacity.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Paintings are an easy way to bring your individuality into your house. These might be artworks that make you feel a specific way or objects. Solar control have a direct impact on a building’s energy efficiency.

Fins and chajjas (overhangs) are two examples of shade structures used to reduce summer sun exposure while allowing winter sun into the room.

This aids in regulating and lowering the building’s electrical load. When developing an efficient shade device, solar direction is a crucial factor to take into account.

Trees, hedges, overhangs, vertical fins, low-shading coefficient glass, blinds, and louvres are some examples of solar shading components.

Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency

The main goals of a green building are to control water usage and preserve water quality but it is also possible to use plumbing fixtures that utilize less water. You can irrigate your garden and flush toilets with recycled grey water.

To reduce summer solar exposure and let winter sun enter the space, shading structures like fins and chajjas (overhangs) are two examples.

Material Efficiency

Material Efficiency

The choice of construction materials has a significant impact on the building’s environmental impact. To reduce the influence of transportation on the environment, it ought to be thought-about for the building to use regionally accessible, non-toxic, and property materials.

Recycled materials help reduce the amount of environmental waste generated. To decrease the building’s heat gain, exterior walls can be painted with UV-reflective paints.

The composition of the roof significantly affects the building’s ability to use energy because the building will absorb less heat if the material utilised for the roofs is lighter in colour.

Renewable Energy systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Sun based water radiators and sun based chimneys are two cases of coordinates renewable frameworks that are as of now being utilized to lower indoor temperature.

Using photovoltaic systems on the roof or the façade, power can be generated from solar energy.

After the building’s needs are met, it could circulate off-grid, which has many blessings consisting of decrease strength costs, a energy supply for the community, and retaining a easy atmosphere.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste management is necessary to minimize the amount of waste that residents generate and transfer to landfills.

To accomplish this, a waste reduction, recycling, and reuse approach is used. As a result, during the early design stages, preliminary planning is necessary for specialised space requirements.

Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste must be separated on site. Therefore, plumbing and wastewater collection systems must be carefully designed but during construction, every waste management strategy is used.

Openings- Wall Ratio

Opening- Wall Ratio

Ratio of windows and doors embedded in the facade’s outer wall. It plays a significant role in assessing the building’s energy efficiency.

In terms of heating, cooling, lighting, and ventilation, windows lose energy twice as quickly as walls. As a result, the size and quantity of windows should be planned in accordance with the climate.

A high-performance glazing solution and shading solutions because it also lower unwelcome solar heat gain.


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